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When we have ideas, bringing them to life inspires me to create beyond limits. Since our imagination is immeasurable, creativity becomes endless. Through research, sketching, doodling, brainstorming and experimenting, I’m able to explore the immensity and potential of an idea. Then, I collect the key components that will allow the idea to flourish by crafting it into an energy that will resonate with its audience. A successful design evokes human feelings – therefore, I design energy.

Hello! My name is Simreet Kaur and I am a typoholic, minimalist and adventurous designer. I am driven by my passion to explore social issues. I spend a lot of my time analyzing what exists, so I can discover what does not. Besides engaging with my community through charity work, I aim to help make the world a better place with a design that is anchored in personal values of everyday life – and that is what led me to pursue a career in the creative industry.


In April 2020, I completed a successful passion project as a part of my fourth year thesis at OCAD University. Indebted, the project, highlighted the successes, challenges and overall process of how Sikhs in Ontario settled between the mass immigration years of 1960 and 1999. This project was research intensive and taught me how to embrace the process work behind every design. After analyzing over 1600 news articles, the final deliverable of this project was much different than the initial deliverable because of the research findings and how they shaped the trajectory of the project. This rich experience has played a significant role in the development of my skills – both as a designer and personally.

In September 2020, I received my professional accreditation as a Provisional Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) with the Registered Graphic Designers Association of Ontario. 


Despite being an ambitious designer, I believe that the biggest secret to accomplishing any goal is to work hard, while staying humble.

Simreet Kaur

Creative Director

Provisional RGD



Honourable Mention for the Polyester Award for Motion Design

RGD 2020 Student Awards

Indebted: The Untold Story of Sikhs in Ontario (1960-1999), OCAD University, Toronto



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